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Stargazers And Orchids

Item# ED53
NoneOne Foil Balloon $5.99One Foil Balloon $5.99Two Foil Balloons $11.99Two Foil Balloons $11.99Small Balloon Bouquet $19.99Small Balloon Bouquet $19.99Medium Balloon Bouquet $24.99Medium Balloon Bouquet $24.99
NoneKoala $16.99Koala $16.99Dalmatian $16.99Dalmatian $16.99Panda $16.99Panda $16.99Squirrel $16.99Squirrel $16.99Lamb $16.99Lamb $16.99Get Well Bear $16.99Get Well Bear $16.99Cheetah $16.99Cheetah $16.99Retriever $16.99Retriever $16.99Polar Bear $16.99Polar Bear $16.99Boston Terrier $16.99Boston Terrier $16.99Lynx $16.99Lynx $16.99
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This tall and airy arrangement is designed using fragrant stargazers lilies that have multiple blooms and beautiful purple bombay orchids with curly willow, queen annes lace, misty and eucalyptus. We hand pick the stargazer lilies and import the bombay orchids to create a long lasting floral arrangement. Treated with quick dip to insure proper hydration and longevity.
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