Rose Care Tips

Rose Care Tips

When we receive our roses in our store, we begin a careful process that ensures our roses continue to last long after they are delivered from our store. So much effort goes into the selection process of our roses, to the handling of our roses in our store. It only makes sense to share some tips to help our customers keep their roses looking fresh and long-lasting after they receive them.

Roses drink lots of water.

Roses need plenty of water to continue nourishing the rose's petals. It starts when they are received from the growers and unpacked from their shipping boxes. One of the first things we do is clear away any extra greens that could contaminate the water in which the roses are placed. We then carefully cut the stems at an angle, giving the rose stem a large opening that allows the water and nutrients to flow up the stem. This first process is the most important part of the whole process, and if the rose is not handled correctly, it can contribute to problems later on when the rose is used in the arrangement. This process is continued once again before the rose is used in the arrangement, ensuring that a continued supply of water is feeding the petals. It is important to keep plenty of water in the vase for your roses because they drink water continuously, and if they don't have water, the roses will not survive very long. Adding water at least once a day is needed to keep the ends of the roses submerged under the water. ****This means that if you leave your roses at the office over the weekend, chances are they will not make it until Monday morning.****

Bacteria kills the rose faster

As your roses sit inside their glass vase and you continue to add water daily, you may notice the water getting murky, which usually starts to appear after 2 to 3 days. This is a sign that the bacteria levels have begun to rise in the water, and the best way to handle this problem is to remove the bacteria by replacing the water with fresh, clean water. It is very important to keep the roses in water during this process; however, if you feel the stems have been out of the water too long, re-cutting the stems before placing them into the fresh water is always a good idea. Once again, this helps keep the water flowing in the stem, which will continue to help your roses last as long as possible. Be sure to add the packet of flower food you received with your roses at this point to give them the nutrients they need.

Keep away from Heat and Direct Sunlight.

Keeping your roses in a cool place is also a way to increase the life of your roses. Exposing your roses to direct sunlight and heat will increase the amount of water the roses will drink and increase the bacteria levels in the water.

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